Protect Your Business with General’s Commercial Security Systems

Businesses today face a wide range of challenges, from robberies to internal theft, workplace violence to customer disputes, as well as threats from nature including fires and other disasters.

Commercial Security Systems

Commercial security has moved far beyond the old keypad and door sensor. Today’s systems offer fully integrated and remotely accessible solutions. Sophisticated alarm systems, remote live camera feeds, mobile access and more, create a powerful and secure system for your business. Learn more about commercial security systems.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Fires spread fast and catch everyone off guard. Our 24/7 fire alarm monitoring services help protect your business with state of the art UL Certified equipment and systems. Learn more about commercial fire alarms.

Commercial Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has changed tremendously over the last 5 years. Whether monitoring your facility on the inside or out (most often, both), a state-of-the-art video monitoring system from General Security is essential. We offer a wide range of IP cameras, which can transmit data via the internet and cellular services. Remotely monitor, control your cameras, and take all precautions with your business. Learn more about commercial video surveillance.

Commercial Access Control

Secure your offices, warehouses, factory and more with access control solutions. Whether using keycards, key fobs or other technology, we can help you restrict access throughout your facility. Your system is easily controlled and programmed, allowing you to grant or restrict access as you choose. Learn more bout commercial access control.